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Art Postcards x6

This bundle includes 6 original paintings. 1. Orange City – an abstract urban scene 2. The Four Seasons Root – an abstract nature concept 3. Ally Eye – The eye of an alligator close up 4. Church of the FSM 5. Apple and Pear 6. Across the water – part of the ‘Nature’s Abstracts’ Series


Art Postcards x6

The bundle includes 6 original paintings. 1. Two Swans 2. Yellow Rice Fields 3. The Nardo Ring- an arial view of the Ferrari test track in southern Italy 4. Under Construction- Golden Gate Bridge 5. Moody but well dressed 6. Barcelona from Park Güell


Art Postcards x6

This bundle includes six original paintings. 1. Poolside – a Hockney inspired watery scene 2. Tallinn – an arial view of the city 3. A port or two- an arial view of a port in southern Italy 4. Reflect – part of the ‘nature’s abstracts’ series 5. Water falls – an Japanese inspired water scene 6. Lighthouse 2 – part of the ‘natures’ abstract’ series


East German Stamps Postcards x4

Four iconic East German stamps as a Postcard. 1. Lenin Platz 2. Berlin Alexanderplatz 3. Karl Marx Stadt 4. Warnemuende


Octopussy Galore x10

Ten of my best squids all in a neat bundle.


London postcards (set1) x7

Seven views of London.


Blue Yarn

A small minimalist study of a blue ball of wool in acrylic. Signed on the side, custom floating framed. Looks superb in any room or small nook with a light shone onto it to make the blue come alive. 20cm x 20cm


Three Geishas

Three women in traditional Japanese dress. Essentially it’s the same image in three different colours with slightly varying hairpieces and flower detail. It’s acrylic on canvas board, each image is freehand so there are slight differences in each one. These paintings are custom framed and have a clear pane (not glass) and ready to hang. 16cm x 20 cm each



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